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Right Writing

(Enlightening and Exciting)

A workshop on how to write well in English, with British journalist and author Helen Womack

Perhaps you are a student of English or journalism or someone who writes in English for work or pleasure. Certainly, you will need to have an advanced level of English to benefit from this master class.

In the first session, Helen will give tips on how to maintain and further improve your English, with particular emphasis on writing. She will reveal the golden rules of journalism and share the secrets of good writing in general. She will give small exercises in the class and homework for those who wish to do it.

At the second session, a week after the first, Helen will give individual attention to those who have chosen to write something for her. The homework could be an article for a newspaper, an essay or even a poem. Helen will not embarrass you by making you read out your work in front of the group but will give each of you an appointment time and see you privately.


The first class will be at Punktum at 6.30 on Friday 29 November.
The follow-up session will be at the same place on Saturday 7 December at 4.00.
Tickets for each class will cost 1,000 roubles. You can come to the first only or to both, just as you please.



Helen has worked as a correspondent in Moscow since 1985. She currently works for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Times of London. She is the author of The Ice Walk, memoirs of her life in Russia under four Kremlin leaders.


2 Responses to 29 ноября 2013 года в 18-30 — мастер-класс Хелен Вомак

  1. Alisa Emirova:

    Прошу записать меня на курс. Спасибо.

  2. Natalia Mishaeva:

    2 человека: Мишаева Наталья + Кубарева Юлия

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